A Love that Perserveres



Joe operated on the assumption that if the pilot light goes out, the furnace won’t heat. If the love is gone, it’s gone. Many people like Joe feel that when the emotion vanishes, the marriage is over, terminated, finished, kaput.

A lasting marriage is energized by a steady flow of a special kind of love between partners. I call it a “Christ-like love.” It is the same kind of love described in 1 Corinthians 13.

Christ-like love is realistic, whereas romantic love is idealistic. God loves us even though He knows us thoroughly. He loves us despite our faults and sins. We read in Romans 5:8 these words: “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” For Joe and Carol’s marriage to persevere, they must accept each other’s inability to perfectly fulfill all of their expectations. Continue reading “A Love that Perserveres”

Top 10 Signs That You are Romantically Challenged



Many years ago I found this list of the top 10 signs that you are romantically challenged. Pretty funny (at least to me).

10. When you bring home flowers your wife asks, “What have you done this time?”

9. Instead of buying your wife a card, you pick one out for her at WalMart, have her look at it, and then put it back on the rack.

8. You have given your wife flowers that you picked up at the cemetery.

7. The last Valentine’s Day gift you bought came from the housewares department.

6. Your idea of a compliment is, “That outfit doesn’t make you look fat.”

5. You plan a romantic getaway weekend around a tractor pull.

4. Your idea of a romantic movie is “Jaws.”

3. The closest you’ve ever been to a florist is $2 roses at the gas station.

2. Your idea of a dinner date involves a drive-thru and eating in the car.

1. Your idea of a candlelit evening is two fishing poles and a Coleman lantern.

I know you can do better this Valentine’s Day.